Full Practice Series


The way yoga was meant to be practiced.

Yoga was designed to prepare the body for meditation. These two hour classes provides time for a full yoga practice and incorporate many practices that typical sixty minute classes cannot provide, including:

  • mudra - hand positions or body positions to direct energy flow
  • mantra - chanting ancient words to cultivate various energetic states
  • asana - body positions to cultivate focus, strength, flexibility, and awareness
  • meditation - concentration and calming the mind

These practices are offered once per month centered around a seasonal theme, and may include stories and inspirations from various traditions, including deities, totem animals, astrology, and more. The themes for the year are as follows:

  • January - Begin with Faith
  • February - Open to Love
  • March - Spring into Action
  • April - Nourish your Roots
  • May - Bloom into Being
  • June - Celebrate with Joy
  • July - Fire Up your Passion
  • August - Maintain your Steadfastness
  • September - Reap the Harvest
  • October - Let it Die
  • November - Remember with Gratitude
  • December - Nurture your Spirit

These practices are limited in participation and sell out quickly - purchase your ticket early here