Amie Vilt grew up in a small town 60 miles southwest of Chicago. 

after completing her master's degree in kinesiology in 2012 at southern illinois university, 

she moved to Kansas City, where she worked first in the corporate fitness environment, and then ran the exercise and wellness department in an independent living retirement home. Although she loved her career, she yearned for more meaning to her day to day existence. 

Amie always had an inkling that yoga might hold the answers to some of the questions she sought; a naturally introspective, curious, and creative child led to an adult that still pondered the big questions. After a marathon gone bad that left her with a distaste for running, she decided to swear off it completely and dedicate herself solely to yoga for one month. 

This one month had a profound effect on Amie's well-being; while her body softened, so did her heart, and she began to find the creative spark and curiosity she thought died long before her Master's thesis. Over a decade of disordered eating began to transform into a healthy relationship to her body. She completed her first 200 hour teacher training in 2014 with Emily Darling at Darling Yoga.  

Yet her curiosity was not satisfied; after an expansive experience with renowned teacher Max Strom, Amie completed a second 200 hour training with him, and eventually found her current teacher, Sianna Sherman. She has completed her 500 RYT with Sianna Sherman and Rasa Yoga, and continued study with her and Ashley Turner in the priestess studies. 

In addition to running her own business, Amie also works for a non-profit research company and manages their corporate wellness program. 

Amie's sankalpa - or her root intention - is "Be WILD and UNABASHED." It is Amie's deepest belief that we all possess a deep longing to live our lives in a way that's wild and free of shame, of self-consciousness, and of self-doubt, and that it IS possible through deep introspection and connection to who we are at our core. Through yoga and mindfulness this connection is re-established, and by finding this anchor we are allowed to soar beyond what we thought possible. 

Amie has a strong commitment to continuing education and her curiosity is insatiable; she is constantly seeking study and making connections between various realms of body, mind, and spirit. Her classes are inspired and challenging, and her hope is to take her students into the best journey of a lifetime: a journey into the self. 


Amie at her graduation with her Master's degree at Southern Illinois University, with her brother and her parents.

Amie at her graduation with her Master's degree at Southern Illinois University, with her brother and her parents.