Deepen Your Practice.

Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of yoga, explore your own body and mind, and feel the embodiment of the teachings work through you. Workshops and retreats are a great way to deepen your self knowledge, your understanding of the practices, and get you into deep soulful connection with your Self, so that you may live life wildly and unabashedly. 

Please see the entire calendar of events here. 

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yoga 101: a five week series at westport yoga

The perfect, most comprehensive introduction to yoga series in Kansas City. In this five week series, we explore not just the postures and their proper alignment, but the whats, whys, and hows of breathing, meditation, etiquette, philosophy, and history. Perfect for any yoga novice or those who have been practicing for a few months and are ready to learn more.

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setting the seed: a winter solstice one day retreat

The Winter Solstice is the darkest night of the year, but also holds the "seed of the sun." With this time of darkness, we know that each day will continue to grow more and more light. It is the perfect time of year to get quiet, go into the darkness, and get clear on what kind of light and intention you want to bring into the next 6 months of the year as the sun grows. Day long retreat includes two yoga practices, sankalpa setting workshop, and meditation. 

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CREATE: tap into your innate creative prowess

Join Sedona Alvarez, Jamie Winter Dawson, and Amie Vilt on this journey to tap into your innate creativity. This workshop will guide you to release creative blocks though movement, meditation, and creation - no art experience necessary. Experience the joy of creation with focus on process, not outcome, and tap into the long standing history of making art as human beings!