Just wanted to say thank you for an incredible weekend retreat! It was just what I needed to restore my energy for life, get in touch with my values and dive back into yoga.
— Whitney B., on the Deepen Your Practice retreat
I have been a participant in Amie’s yoga class this past year and a half. Yes, I have had previous instructors, and I think Amie is quite superior. I love her running comments. I know of no one who hasn’t benefited from her class.
— Edith D.
I wake up feeling achy and sluggish – then I attend one of Amie’s yoga sessions and when the class is over, I feel great and ready to face the rest of the day. I have used the breathing methods Amie teachers to lower my blood pressure before seeing the doctor – it works every time!
— Ann B.
Everywhere I look I see women who seem to worship looking a certain way instead of feeling a certain way. They are more focused on the number on the scale or the size of their pants. They focus more on pushing/punishing their bodies instead of marveling at them. But you my dear – you are the lighthouse beacon amidst a sea of ships all clamoring to reach the shore. You bring the message I wish more people in the health and wellness community shared. You remind people to love their bodies. To not be embarrassed. To not hide. You tell people to try something new and marvel at what their bodies are capable of.
— Stephanie G. of Green Tree Media
Amie’s class is like a religious experience.
— Jon S., long time yoga practitioner
That was ridiculous. I feel incredible.
— Jill G., on the Deepen Your Practice retreat
Greatest gift I’ve ever given myself I only wish I hadn’t waited so long. There is much to be gained from retreats away from the common day, insights into yourself and moments of peace. Truly and enlightening experience. Thank you Amie for sharing your beautiful practice with us. And thank you to Vince, the monk, who lovingly served us with a smile each day.
— Rochelle H., yoga teacher, on the Deepen Your Practice retreat
I wanted to say again how much I loved your class. It was a great opportunity to put into action what [I learned] last weekend.
— Angela M., yoga teacher
Thank you for for a wonderful weekend, Amie. You are a bright, genuine, inviting and lovely soul. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to connect with you!
— annonymous on the Deepen Your Practice retreat
Amie, I am human. This has been hard for me to tackle recently as I have had to face what being human really means. I stuffed my mat for almost 6 months, unable to move. Not even child’s pose. Sure I would roll it out with optimism. But then just stare at it and cry. I could not move my body.

How the hell am I supposed to be a Yogi if I can’t even walk onto my mat? I kept teaching. I kept breathing. I hired help. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s WRONG!!!!!! Maybe I’m just human.

For two days now I have been back on my mat. It feels like home again but an entirely new one. Like a smashing new decorator moved in or something and gave me that fireplace and balcony I’ve always wanted. Perspective.
Thank you for helping me remember I’m human. And sometimes the hardest pose is just getting on the mat. I don’t know you. But I love you. You’ve made it easy to do so. Thank you.”
— Carrah Q., yoga teacher, religious educator and public speaker